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Become a member of the society! Membership is open to everyone. Our only requirements are a love for American history and a desire to preserve and promote our shared heritage.


It's easy to join SoGAR! Just download the application form below, fill it out, and mail it to the Treasurer General with a check for $30.00. Yearly dues thereafter will be $20.00, payable to the post to which the member belongs. All members belong to Richard J. Clark Post 210 until they establish charter membership in a new post or transfer into another post.

Members who make a society donation of $100.00 will receive an official insignia--a beautiful restriking of the 1869 G.A.R. Demarest Medal-- to celebrate their SoGAR membership.

Members who lineally descend from a Civil War Patriot may also apply to have their lineage recognized by SoGAR. Successful applicants also may wear a custom Civil War Ancestor Badge, hand-stamped with their ancestor's name and regiment, beside their insignia.


In order to better see to the specific needs of their local community, ten or more SoGAR members may choose to establish a new post in a specific location.

Posts may be named after an original G.A.R. Post (as is the case with Richard J. Clark Post 210 SoGAR) or they may be named to honor a specific Civil War patriot, such as the new Pvt. Frederick S. Westlake Post 1 SoGAR in New Jersey.

Members who wish to establish a new post must contact SoGAR's current Secretary General, who will provide the developing post with an official SoGAR post number and the required charter paperwork.


All new SoGAR posts will be recognized as 501(c)3 charities under Richard J. Clark Post 210 SoGAR.​


Richard J. Clark Post 210 SoGAR  uses donations for the Patchogue Civil War monument's upkeep,  historical markers and cemetery signage honoring veterans.

With gratitude, we offer "thank you gifts" for set donation amounts. See the Gift Shop and request a gift in the memo field of your donation.

The Society of the Grand Army of the Republic (SoGAR) is a 501(c)3 charity. Donations are tax deductible. We're grateful for your support!

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